You can easily wear jeans or jogging pants when hiking, but don’t. You will have much more comfort in a pair of hiking pants. They have a fit that makes it much easier to move in them and there are often pockets just the right places. You can easily wear your summer hiking pants in the winter with a pair of ski pants beneath. But it also feels amazing to wear the winter edition, so you are not cold nor sweaty. We change between the winter editions without zippers on the legs and the summer edition with zippers. Before you choose a pair, you can see the different options for both men and female here. for both (hi)queens og (hi)kings 🙂

If you, like Tessa, likes to wear hiking skirts in the summer, which is a combination of a skirt and shorts, you can find many different styles here..

Layers are good for your upper body, so you can keep adjusting accordingly to wind and weather. In the summer Klaus often wears a hiking shirt with a fleece or a sportscoat on top. Tessa uses long sleeved sport shirts with fleece on top of it. Tessa uses a lot of her sports clothes for the upper body for hiking. In the winter, we use a lot of layers and pay attention to the fact that they have to work together. We both use wool closest to our bodies. Tessa loves Kari Traa,who makes clothes in a great quality and with different patterns - both neutrals and with plenty of colors. We both like fleece to be our middle layer and our everything-in-one jackets are very good almost all the year around. With fleece in the winter, without fleece in the spring and autumn and as a rain jacket in the summer. Very cool! Before investing in a jacket, you can find inspiration in this guide here.The different brands always come up with new innovative solutions, so you must always be updated when buying something new. If you are more into the luxurious hiking equipment, look here..

Socks are a science. It matters how you combine your socks and shoes. We are still trying to figure out the best combination, but we guarantee that hiking socks work with all of your shoes. We have realized that our lives are too short for sore feet and blisters, and we therefore choose our socks carefully. If you only want to invest in one pair of hiking socks, we recommend the 1000 miles hiking socks If you want to see more different kinds, then Friluftslageret is a good place to make some research. They know that men and women’s socks are different and that you need different socks for summer and winter. They also have fun socks. Check out their collection of socks and have a smile

Head dressings are good all year around. In the summer our caps are very useful. Both for keeping the hair in place and to give the eyes some shade. There are many different caps. Klaus likes the traditional American cap. Tessa is more into This type of caps. Remember that your hat must not be too tight as your heads gets a bit bigger in the heat.

A thin neck dish is amazing and does not take up a lot of space. We like the brand Buff and El Camino.