Start by investing in proper footwear! You can find an all-around hiking boot that are useful in the beginning. When you become a more eager hiker, you need hiking boots with hard soles for rock ground, softer shoes for Danish hikes and boots for the winter. We also have sandals, but we do not use them very often.

We both like the German brand Meindlwhere we have both shoes and boots from. The shoes are in brown leather and not very pretty and look like school shoes from the 1950ies - but they are amazing to hike in. We use them all year around if the temperature is above 0.

We also have great experiences with the brand Salomon.They have many different kinds and in many price ranges. Also, they are prettier to look at which is good for the experince 😉

Tessa has the leather boots Courteney Safari, and they are great for hiking. The manufacturer is so certain about the quality that they give 10 years of guarantee. A boot for the nerdy hiker.

People often forget to invest in a good pair of socks. It makes a big difference and if you are already investing in a good pair of boots, you would want to have great socks as well. Great socks can absorb sweat and support the places on the foot where it is easy to get blisters. Read more about socks under Clothing.

When you have finished your hike, give yourself the luxury of keeping a pair of flip flops in your car for the ride home.