Nothern Funen

  • Ørritslev Skov, Nordfyn. 11 km.
    Nogle gange er man så fokuseret på at komme ud og opleve nye steder, at man helt glemmer de herligheder, som ligger i nærområdet, eller lige uden for ens dør. I den østlige del af Nordfyns Kommune ligger Klintebjerg helt ud til Odense Fjord, og lige i nærheden ligger Ørritslev Skov, som er et ca.…
  • Langesø, Morud. 11 km.
    South of Morud lies Langesø which is a lake and used by many people and for many different purposes. The vast majority use the Langesø for a walk around the lake itself - a trip of just 3 kilometers. Others again use the forest and the many paths for a ride on a mountain bike on the custom-made routes. For many years we have enjoyed the walk around the lake, but have lacked some length on the hike, which we have now got.
  • Bogense, Fogense, Nyhave. 14 km.
    Bogense is located on the Northern part of Fyn and is an old market town. It is right next to the water and is definitely worth a visit. We got up early and set the GPS to Bogense harbour and parked our car at the big parking lot by the marina. To the west, a beautiful path has been made that follows the water. Walk on the wide path so that you have the water on your right. When you have walked a bit then turn around, and you will get a postcard view over Bogense and maybe the sunrise, if you are an early bird.
  • Bogø Dam, Nordfyn. 16 kilometers.
    There are many beautiful places on North Funen, but you will find one of the most beautiful at Otterup Marina on Bogø. If you get up early – really early, there will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunrise over the Odense Fjord – and the area is also perfect for a champagne brunch.
  • Flyvesandet – Nordfyn. 11 km.
    One of Funen's northernmost points is Flyvesandet, which is located on a headland with the most beautiful view of both Æbelø, Endelave, Samsø and Jutland. When you drive through the large forest for the last kilometers towards Flyvesandet, we would recommend that you drive all the way around the campsite along the water to enjoy the view, before choosing to park in the large parking lot, which is approx. 300 meters before Flyvesandet Camping.
  • Æbelø – Fyn. 15 km.
    At the top of Funen lies Denmark's smallest market town – Bogense. North east of Bogense is Æbelø, which with its steep slopes and beautiful forests is a favorite place for sailors to drop anchor. For nature lovers, there are many wonderful experiences in store. There are large herds of fallow deer and mouflons, and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of the large sea eagles that breed on the island.
  • Enebærodde – Nordfyn. 13 km.
    You can watch the beautiful 14 meter high lighthouse welcoming you to "Gabet" at Odensen Fjord. On a summer day, it stands tall, regaardless of its almost 130 years, with chalk white concrete wall, beautiful black railing and red hat. Below it there is a perfectly placed picnic table, where you can take a well-deserved break, and enjoy the beautiful view.