About us

We are a married couple with each our carriers, that have found a common interest in hiking. We have a busy everyday-life and during the week, it is difficult to find the time to exercise and get some fresh air, when we also have to find time for our children and pets.

Klaus has the work of planning the hikes and Tessa simply enjoys them!

We have different preferences. Klaus wants to hike longer distances but does not want to go out and back by the same route. Tessa also wants to hike long distances but is only willing to drive for a hike if it is planned and has unique experiences. It meant that Klaus had to spend quite some time planning the hike. He looked through several websites, blogs, and maps for inspiration for the many hikes. Sometimes the planning took longer than the hikes themselves! Therefore, Klaus decided to create a blog - so others could benefit from the planning and be inspired by the choice of hiking.

Hiking is not a new thing for Klaus. In his teen-years, he was part of a club where a couple of adults had a passion for hiking. The passion affected the teenagers who started training by hiking 10 kilometers at first. Later on, they were able to hike 60 kilometers on the Kattegatmarch, 2x45 kilometers on the Svendborgsundmarch, 2x45 kilometers on the Hørvejsmarch and the ultimate - hiking around the Danish island, Bornholm - 125 kilometers in 3 days. The passion sadly faded away over the years as other interests started taking more of his time.

Suddenly Tessa started talking about hiking as a common interest. Actual hiking - not walking around - but with backpack and lunch. From the point where she mentioned it, it did not last long until we had bought hiking boots and started to experience the nature more.

Now the hikes are increasing our quality of life and our quality time together. On our long hikes we have time to talk about big and small challenges, we take our time to have fun during our lunch and coffee time and we get to see the beautiful nature surrounding us.

It is this joy of nature we wish to share with you. Just without all of the planning. With our chosen hikes, you can have quality time, experiences, and exercise just by tying up your hiking boots and go. It is all waiting for

Many greetings from

Tessa & Klaus

When hiking is an intentional lifestyle