You might remember the belt bag from the 90’s. And you may have sworn never to be seen in one again. But it is brilliant. Tessa loves her belt bag. It is perfect for keeping her phone, lip balm, disinfection, and tissues handy. There are so many different kinds both for the feminine and masculine look.

We drink coffee on our hikes - it does not matter how long the hike is and we like to have several cups. Only recently we discovered the folding cup which is very clever! We really like this cup. We also found an edition with 4 cups for a group of hikers.

We have had many coffee breaks where we sat on our gloves to avoid a wet behind. But it is more clever to bring a small seat pad. Here is one that is a bit soft and one with aluminumto keep your behind warm even though the ground is cold.

Mosquito spray in the forest when hiking is very good for us with sweet blood. We use the Swedish“Djungle-olie”and it is very good.