Kerteminde – Hverringe Gods – Stavre – 18 kilometer

Kerteminde. Hverringe Gods, Stavre. 18 kilometres

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Kerteminde is located beautifully by the water and with Fynshoved to the North. But to the East of Kerteminde lies an area that is easily overlooked. We talk about the area around Hverringe Gods and Stavre Skov. Set the GPS to Hindsholmvej 90, Kerteminde and park your car at the parking lot by the water.

We start our hike by going down Hindsholmvej to the East with the water to our right. At the end of the parkinglot, there is a memorial stone from the Swedish war in 1659. After about 500 metres we take a right down Hverringevej which we follow until we reach the edge of the forest. Here we go right into a small parking lot and the small path at the end of it. The small forest path is alongside the water and with a great view of the beach.

After about 500 metres down the beautiful path, we choose to go left to go back towards Hverringevej/Stavre. After a short period of time, the forest path leads to a larger forest road. It leads us to Hverringe Gods. As we arrive at Hverringe Gods, we turn left down Stavrevej which is a larger gravel road. From here there is a gorgeous view of Hverringe Gods

From here on the hike moves on with looks over open fields to the right and forest to the left. After about 4 kilometres, we spot a small path that leads into the forest and follows it for about 1 kilometre. We exit the forest only 50 metres from where we came in.

Well onto the gravel road the hike goes along towards Stavre Skov but now with a great view of Kerteminde Bay and Storebælt. If the weather allows it, you can easily see the bridge towards the South.

After about 8 kilometres we arrive by Stavre Skov where the road goes left. We choose to go into the forest and follow one of the many paths as we seek the water. By the edge of the forest we follow a field for about 1 kilometre. Here you can choose to hike the last 1,5 kilometres on the beach or by the field. We recommend the beach as the field was not a very pleasant surface. It was very wet and heavy. By the water, there is a great view of Romsø.

By the end of Stengårds Stænge is the town Måle and we go left into Maly Bygade. It is a small idyllic village with a look over the water.

We make a turn to Hverringevej and follow the many twists and small hills until we reach Hverringe Gods from behind.

After the first breeding building on the right we turn into the courtyard and follow the pavement around the big breeding buildings. We stay right and follow the path around the building and take a left into the forest. After only 100 metres we take a left down a forest road and follow it out of the forest and across a field. We turn left into a courtyard and exit on Hverringevej. At the end of Hverringevej we turn right and go onto Hindsholmvj which we follow until we reach our car.

The hike is 18 kilometres long. It differs from the other hikes as there are no places to sit along the way. That means that if you want to have a coffee or lunch break it must be on a stone by the water or on a stump in the forest.

Click on the map below and it will open in Google Maps. From here, you can follow the route as you are hiking.