Lundsgård Skov, Kerteminde. 10 km.

Lundsgård Forrest, Kerteminde. 10 kilometres.

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Kerteminde is located beautifully by Kerteminde Bay and with the inlet going way into the land. We set the GPS to Enghaverne, Kerteminde and drove to the end of Enghaverne. From this point, we follow the path alongside the water towards Kerteminde. The path turns into Lilestranden which we follow until it turns and becomes Sønderstræde. After a few metres down Sønderstræde we make a right through a low gate. We walk through the courtyard of an old half-timbered house. It feels like we are going back in time. We exit onto Langegade where we go left and across the bridge between inlet and sea. At the other side of the bridge, we see the statue of Amandawhich actually is a sad story. Shortly after we turn left down Klintevej and to right by Skovvej which we follow into Lundsgård Skov.

As we walk by Hotel Søpavillionen the road becomes Skovvej again. We stay to the right to get the small forest paths. We reach Blåledvej which is a larger gravel road. We stay left and come to an open area where we can see Lundsgaard Gods. We continue onto the open field and enter the next big forest. In the forest there are crossed paths and we choose to go right. We walk past the scout’s house. We go left and when the path splits into two after Jomfruhøjwe choose to go right and follow Blåledvej until we reach Klintevej.

We cross Klintevej and walk into the forest on a very small path. The next kilometre gives us so many amazing views that invites us to take a lot of pictures. Slowly the forest is taken over by the water and several fences have been built.

After roughly 6 kilometres we found some benches with the perfect view of Kerteminde Bay. It is the perfect coffee spot. We continue down the beautiful path and follow the water into the fishing harbour where we follow the edge of the water back up till the bridge.

After we cross the bridge, we take a right down Hindsholmvej and as we pass Fjord & Bælt centreet, we take a right and follow Nordre Havnevej to the marina.

We follow the water until we reach the sand by Nordstranden. Here we take a left and go back up to Hindsholmvej which we cross and take a left down Langegade. The old buildings on Langegade are very well preserved and have many different colors and original doors. By the end of Langegade we go left down Fiskergade which also has many beautiful houses. We take a left down Tværgade and at the end we take a right and ends up where we parked the car.

The hike is roughly 10 kilometres long.

If you want to read more about what Kerteminde has to offer, go to

Click on the map below and it will open in Google Maps. From here, you can follow the route as you are hiking.

Tak til Bo Brandt for inspiration til turen.